Taylor Swift fan Emily Beazley dies of cancer

Are things still bitter between Harry Styles and his ex Taylor Swift?

The 12-year-old fan that Taylor Swift took the time out to chat music, touring, her illness, and served as an honorary police officer has died, her family confirmed on Tuesday. Emily Beazley, who could proudly call herself one of the biggest Swifties out there, lost her battle with cancer on Monday, the family wrote on the youngsters Facebook page. 

Emilys mother said: My beautiful Emily got to use her angel wings. She fought hard to the end. Her last gift to me was passing peacefully.

Emily was diagnosed with non-Hogkins lymphoma when she was just 8-years-old and relentlessly fought the illness for four years. She went into remission breifly until her cancer returned. Her family decided to opt out of chemotherapy earlier this year after doctors told them they would be fighting a losing battle.

Emilys Entourage, the name affectionatley given to Emilys supporters have successfully campaigned to have Emilys street renamed in her honour while Chicagos skyline was illuminated in purple and green.

Emilys family and friends launched a social media campaign, which included over 200 children singing and dancing to Taylor Swift songs, to reach out to her all-time hero and pretty much everyone elses goddess right now Taylor Swift earlier this year. After gathering enormous support, the pop megastar heard their calls and was straight on the phone to terminally ill Emily, who had been told she had months to live.

At the time, her mother said: The smile on my daughter [is one] I have not seen in a very, very long time. I could cry.

Beazley, who had dreams of one day growing up to be a pediatric oncology nurse, told Chicago reporters: Youve got to stay strong and youve got to stay positive, no matter what happens. A message that no dount Taylor will be taking to heart right now after her own mother was diagnosed with cancer in December.

Taylors yet to publically react to the news on Twitter whilw Emilys family have asked for privacy but have said their will be a public memorial held for the little trooper at a later date.

Our thoughts go out to Emilys family.