Taylor Swift ‘Dropped Everything To Help Selena Gomez With Justin Bieber Split’

Taylor Swift is apparently so worried that Selena Gomez may cave and go back to ex beau Justin Bieber that she’s been “calling her BFF up to ten times a day” and has even been “setting her up with other girlfriends while she is away on tour.”

Selena and Justin broke up earlier this year after rumours suggested that they were on/off for a while and it looks like Taylor is helping her showbiz pal get over the whole thing.

A source tells Hollywoodlife: “Taylor is super busy with her tour but she’s still making Selena a big priority, she talks to her 10 times a day and drops everything whenever Selena calls.”

They continued, “Anyone that’s had a break-up knows how lonely the first few months can be so Taylor is doing her best to make sure Selena stays busy because she’s very protective of her.”

The Love Story singer is apparently so concerned about Selena that she’s been setting her up with girl friends whilst she travels the world on her Red tour.

The source continues: “Taylor spends as much time with Selena as she can but she’s so busy with work that she hardly has any free time so she’s got her other girlfriends helping out too. Taylor will find out what her other friends are doing and makes sure Selena gets invited along, it’s really sweet!”

BFFs! Taylor has been “helping Selena Gomez through her split with Biebs” (Photo: WENN)

The insider also adds that Taylor has been pushing the Wizards Of Waverly Place actress towards rumoured new hook up Austin Mahone: “It was [Taylor’s] idea to push Austin and Selena together because she really likes Austin and thinks he would be a good distraction for Selena right now. She did the same with Ed [Sheeran] and Selena – but so far Selena is keeping it strictly friends with both of them.”

They continued: “But Taylor’s going to keep trying, she loves hooking up her friends and especially Selena, because she wants to see her with anyone BUT Justin!”

“Selena has a bad habit of taking Justin back again and again so even though she swears it’s over for good, I’m sure Taylor’s a little worried that she’ll cave in again.”

What do you think? Is the ‘Jelena’ split for real this time?

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