Taylor Swift debuts her BODACIOUS bikini bod for the first time ever on girly holiday with Haim

Singer and everyone’s dream BFF Taylor Swift has done the unthinkable and debuted her sensational bikini-body while vacaying with sibling gal pals Haim, and core blimey has Swifty been covering up one bodacious midriff. Prepare yourself Swifties because your real life super woman really does have the body of an actual comic book heroine.

Last night, while we were pigging out alone on a Friday night, Taylor, who’s obviously resting up before what’s set to be a busy 2015, warned us to think twice about that second box of chocolates with this adorable holiday snap where she not only looks like she’s having a whale of a time, she really was whale watching with her indie-punk BFFs. Honestly, we need to start taking a leaf out of her book instead of another Snickers.

The girls have posted several holiday snaps, each as enviable as the last, all looking unbelievably chic whether they’re hiking, whale watching or piggy-backing in the sea. Basically they make our holiday pics resemble an episode of Family Guy and as you can tell, we’re not jealous one little bit.

Unlike her female peers, Taylor’s never been one to show skin let alone rock out in nothing but a bikini. In fact, we can’t remember we saw a pop star wear a bikini on the beach and not on stage, or if your Miley Cyrus just doing your daily supermarket shop and we have to say Taylor and Haim may be rocking the hottest bods of them all!

Taylor Swift and Haim pose in their bikinis on vacation

And….pose! (Instagram)

Taylor and Haim bidding for the next Urban Outfitters campaign (Instagram)

“Who’s number one? Me, duh!” (Instagram)

If this isn’t a still from her rumoured to be next video for Style then we’re going to lose our shiz (Instagram)

“Oh get one of me laughing!” (Instagram)

But who’s watching over beloved Swifties while she’s away? This week the pop goddess totally owned a troll who thought it would be clever to pick on one of her megafans by calling her “ugly,” with THE perfect shut down.

Ever thought about messing with a Taylor fan? Well, firstly what’s wrong with you? And secondly after this you may want to think again. When Anonymous, who seems to crop up a lot when it comes to picking on fellow tweeters, commented on Swiftie, Lucy Ashton’s picture celebrating her pile of gifts personally sent by the Shake It Off musical miracle for Swiftmas, Taylor’s adaptation of Christmas – just in case you were wondering.

Anon told poor old Lucy: “UR UGLY TO BE COMPLETELY HONEST…” which is just new heights of disgusting FYI Anonymous! So Taylor replied, ever so graciously: “NO, ANONYMOUS. NO.” Damn straight! Comforting one of her biggest supporters, she protested that Lucy is “the cutest human ever born,” mmm-kay!

And in another great week for the Swiftster, Radio One confirmed yesterday that the reigning pop champion of the world would be coming to Norwich of all places to headline their annual Big Weekend, which might just be even more exciting than when Alan Partridge switched on the town’s Christmas lights back in 2013! And we thought Ed Sheeran said there was no way Taytay would be doing any festivals this year? Guess Glastonbury’s not out the question then afterall!


Taylor cosies up to BFF Hailee Steinfeld on the red carpet (WENN)