Taylor Swift And Katy Perry’s Feud Perfectly Explained By Emojis (WATCH)

Earlier this year, rumours were rife that Taylor Swift and Katy Perry had a bit of beef between them, when Taylor hinted that her song, ‘Bad Blood’ was the result of a disagreement that she had with another female in the industry over her backing dancers. Despite Taylor not mentioning any names, Katy dropped the biggest hint on Twitter that she was the subject whom Taylor was talking about.

And in case people were confused about what happened, Jimmy Kimmel offered up a pretty clear version of the events and how Taylor and Katy reportedly fell out, using emojis.

Scroll down to watch the full video below.

See if you can work out Jimmy’s explaination with the emojis.

Clue, Taylor is the blonde haired emoji and Katy is the brunette one…





We don’t know why but the poop emoji gets us everytime…

Watch below!