Taylor Momsen Says Her Parents Accept & Understand Her Artistic Nudity

Pretty Reckless singer Taylor Momsen has revealed that her parents are accepting of her fashion choices, even though many of her outfits leave little to the imagination. Taylor comments that they know she is experimenting with her fashion sense and they don’t have a problem with it:

”My parents didn’t really care. They knew I was experimenting with things, it’s just f***ing clothing, I don’t know why everyone makes a big deal out of it. My mum is really into fashion, it’s just figuring out what you like.”

Momsen adds that they also don’t care if their daughter strips nude because they can understand artistic nudity. Taylor says she never regrets showing off her body and believes it is always tasteful or serves a purpose:

”I’m no longer wearing my corsets right now [but] I don’t regret anything. It just has to have a purpose, it has to have an artistic meaning behind it … otherwise I find it cheap. My parents understand the artistic meaning behind it [getting naked]. I started modelling at two and went into acting. I’m very comfortable with nudity.”

Speaking about changing careers from an actress to a singer, Taylor says it did take people a moment to adjust to the change:

”In the beginning, it definitely took a minute for people to listen to the music and get over the age factor and the fact that I had previously acted. But now the fans really like the music, it’s about writing a good song and connecting with people. It seems to be working … they know every word to every song at every show. It’s pretty f***ing awesome.”