Suri ‘Crushed’ Tom Cruise Missed Her First Day At School

When Tom Cruise split from Katie Holmes in June after five years of marriage both made it clear six year old Suri was their priority, but questions have been raised about Tom’s commitment to his only biological child after missing her first day of school.

It was reported this week that the ‘Top Gun’ star, who is currently filming his new movie ‘All You Need is Kill’ in London, has not seen the little girl for 44 days, with a family friend claiming Tom’s absence on a huge step in her life was hard for Suri.

“What little girl wouldn’t be crushed?” a source told In Touch adding that ex wife Katie, who has primary custody of the child, wasn’t impressed either.

They added: “The fact he never showed was hurtful.”

Cruise has since hit back at the claims, with his lawyer Bert Fields telling E!Online: “He loves Suri and is a constant presence in her life. As in the past, when he’s shooting in a foreign country, he has to rely on daily phone calls.”

“He calls Suri every day — sometimes twice a day.”

Suri, who was previously home schooled, has started lessons at the exclusive Avenues private school in New York and was accompanied with mother Katie on her first day. It had been claimed earlier this year that both parents would be present, but clearly with work commitments Tom was unable to be there.

A source told RadarOnline in August: “Tom has been filming his latest movie in London but has made plans to be in New York for Suri’s first day of school, which will be after Labour Day.”

They continued: “Tom and Katie have been speaking on the telephone regarding Suri and Katie has been very supportive of Tom wanting to be there when Suri goes to her new school for the first time.”

His absence may well have been a way to try to minimise the attention on Suri for what must have been a nervous day.

The source claimed security was an issue when considering if Tom would be there: “Tom doesn’t want to disrupt other parents and students at the school with his presence, which means he very well could slip in and out via a back entrance.

“Katie doesn’t want Suri to suffer because of their divorce and both parents are truly putting the needs of their little girl ahead of their own feelings.”

Since the divorce Suri and Katie have been seen out and about exploring their new neighbourhood in New York.

But while trips to the Zoo might be fun, like any youngster she is said to be struggling with her parent’s split.

A source told Us Weekly: “The divorce has been hard on Suri and she’s acting out.”

“Katie says no to some things, but gives a little leeway. She knows Tom is going to spoil her.”

We think Suri seems to be coping pretty well from what it looks like! We’re sure Tom has a good relationship with his daughter, after all she must be used to him going off on location by now.