Sugababes Scrap New Album Plans

The Sugababes have scrapped plans to release a new album this year – insisting they need more time to work on their new material.

The band – who released their sixth album last year – had hoped to return to the charts in 2008 with a new LP.

But the trio fear that if they rush the release, they will not be able to produce work that is up to their usual standards and have now pushed the new album back until 2009.

And singer Keisha Buchanan puts the move down to the fact that they write their own material, rather than buying tracks from songwriters.

She says, “We were supposed to release an album this year and we decided against it. With each album we feel we’ve produced a better one when we have been given time to write about stuff, and we have been through so much this year alone.

“I think sometimes people forget we do write our own material. Even when we have a co-writer, we’re writing the bulk of the song.”