Stephen Collins’ Divorce Trial Postponed Until January 2015

Stephen Collins’ impending divorce trail has been pushed back to January 2015 after the actor’s wife’s attorney quit the trial just hours before proceeding were due to commence. Best known for his role as Eric Camden in the hit drama 7th Heaven, Collins’ wife left him following allegations of child abuse. The couple will now have to wait until the New Year for their divorce to be finalised.

Faye Grant left her husband after he allegedly confessed to various accounts of sexual contact with minors during a recorded therapy session. The tape, which is believed to show the star making such confessions were obtained by TMZ before police then opened their investigation. Grant assured that she left the actor upon hearing the revelations and Collins then filed for divorce in 2012.

Her lawyer, Larry Ginsberg’s resignation from the trial will now postpone proceedings until January 5 2015 to allow Grant time to find new representation. Ginsberg’s withdrawal from the case comes as Collins claims he is unable to provide the $13,000 a month spousal support due to the leaked audio, which he blames his wife for. He also adds that $1 million should be dropped from her share of the property.

However she has strictly denied having any involvement in leaking the tape to the press. She claims that Collins vindictively planned to use the leaking of the tapes, if they ever came to light, against her in court. In reports attained by People, the documents state: “Faye has known for over 2 ½ years that in the event that the recording should find its way into the public arena, that would constitute a further breach of her fiduciary duty, and Stephen would seek to hold her accountable for the damages sustained as a result of her conduct in this regard.”