Star Trek’s Benedict Cumberbatch Refuses To Call Fans Cumberb*****s: ‘They’re Cumberpeople!’

Benedict Cumberbatch may have a dedicated army of supporters but the Star Trek Into Darkness star has revealed that he’s not a fan of their nickname ‘Cumberb*****s, insisting it “sets feminism back so many notches.”

The Sherlock star loves his obsessive fan base but it seems if he had his way they wouldn’t have given themselves the distincitve name. Talking to The Times Cailtlin Moran, the actor reveals:

“It’s not even politeness,” he insists. “I won’t allow you to be my bitches. I think it sets feminism back so many notches. You are… Cumberpeople.”

For the interview Moran was invited round for Sunday lunch at Benedict’s parents house where his actor parents, Wanda Ventham and Timothy Carlton, let slip some secrets on their famous son.

Benedict has a dedicated fan base (WENN)

Benedict’s mum appears desperate to marry her hunky son off. “Can you just find him a bird? There must be someone in London who’s suitable. I want grandchildren. Please – find my son a bird,” she begs.

Cumberbatch himself admits he was a late developer when it came to the ladies, revealing “Very late, 15, 16 – maybe even 17.”

The actor excelled at  posh boarding school Harrow as a child but reveals despite his quirks he was never bullied. “Because my parents loved the f***ing life out of me. So I felt confident about the world. Not entitled.. Just like… I could step into the world. Investigate it.”

Catch Benedict in Star Trek Into Darkness, in UK cinemas now.