Splash! Host Tom Daley: Make Me Tarzan In A Movie

Diving star and Splash! host Tom Daley has revealed that he’d like to take on the role of Tarzan in a remake of the classic tale of a boy brought up in the jungle among wild animals.

Daley told MTV News: “I would give it a go [making movies] – how about a remake of Tarzan or George Of The Jungle.”

However for the moment TV will have to suffice for Tom, not that he’s complaining, as he continued: “I’ve always said that I want to be a TV presenter after I’ve finished diving,” adding: “Luckily for me, Splash! has meant that I can continue to train full time while gaining experience on TV.”

The young Olympian revealed that he also has plans to become a one man Ant and Dec in the future, saying: “Once I’ve retired from diving, I’d love to present something on Saturday night TV like Ant and Dec.”

Tom also defended his ratings winning show against critics, telling the station that if it promotes diving it’s ok in his book.

Daley said: “It’s light-hearted family entertainment on a Saturday night. It’s amazing to have a minority sport like diving on prime-time TV. If Splash! can encourage even a handful of people to take up diving, it will have been a success.”

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