Spice Girls ‘Offered £25 Million For Las Vegas Show Providing Victoria Beckham Is On Board’

The Spice Girls have been tempted with a £25 million offer to reform for a series of shows in Las Vegas – on condition, however, that Victoria Beckham agrees to regroup with her ex-band members.

The fashion designer officially quit the girl group in March last year when she released a statement expressing that her singing days were now behind her and that “she loved her time as a Spice Girl and will always wish the other girls well in whatever they choose to do.”

The Spice Girls at the VIVA Forever musical in 2012 (WENN)

However, several venues are reportedly interested in cashing in on the iconic 90s group as this year marks their 20th anniversary.

“A Spice Girls reunion in Vegas could easily generate $100 million worth of PR in a few weeks and earn the group £25 million in the process,” a source told The Daily Star newspaper.

”There’s huge interest from various major casinos and hotels so it’s just a case of whether the girls can persuade Victoria to change her mind on the project.”

Victoria is said to have already given her pals her blessing to reform as a foursome – which could only mean the mother-of-four has turned the offer down.

The source added: “Posh is more than happy for the four girls to do it without her but the problem is the offer is only on the table for all five of them.”

Can Posh be tempted out of retirement?