Solange Knowles Attacked Jay Z Over Comment Taken the Wrong Way?

It’s still not clear what the altercation was all about and there is much speculation. It also appears that Beyonce and Jay Z are planning to just ignore the whole incident and hope it goes away (it’s not going away, but nice try). So, what do people think it’s all about? A few sources supposedly close to the couple have spoken about the moment of violence, one suggesting that Jay made a comment that Solange took the wrong way and opted to go ballistic over when they had a moment together. An insider said:

”Solange flipped out over something Jay had said, that she took the wrong way. She took it too hard or too far. Not sure what it was, but she greatly overreacted.”

In the leaked tape, Beyonce is seen calmly standing to the side at first, and she later moves in front of Jay in a protective stance. However, it appeared that Beyonce didn’t want to get too involved, staying quiet and not appearing emotional. Another source said about the singer:

”Beyonce tried to stay out of it. She does not approve of violence. They are trying to put the situation past them now.”

After the incident, Beyonce, Solange and Jay are seen leaving the venue and heading towards their car, but at the last minute a security guard ushers Jay in to a different vehicle – and there is also plenty of speculation as to why this happened. As Beyonce and Solange left together, were they putting on a united front? Or was it simply to just wind down the situation and give Solange some cooling off space? Here are some theories currently being thrown around the internet about the whole thing.

  • Solange was defending Beyonce after she found out Jay cheated and/or abused her sister. There have been plenty of rumors suggesting Jay is a “serial cheater” but no hard evidence as of yet. Sounds harsh!
  • Solange is a loose cannon and is dealing with mental issues or possible drug problems. Apparently, there have been a few past interviews and stories to back this one up. People are tossing around the word ‘bipolar’ a lot and suggesting that it looks like it isn’t the first time. Again, no one knows for sure.

Either way, everyone across the internet agrees that Solange shouldn’t have turned to violence to solve whatever the situation is! Most say that she shouldn’t get a free pass on this one, but it looks like everyone involved is pretending it didn’t happen at all.