So Long Khloe, Kourtney And Kim Kardashian? Keeping Up With The Kardashians Set To End Soon?

Since 2007, the Kardashian family have been keeping us entertained with their family antics, but could the show be on the way out? Well according to critics, it could be following the allegations that Lamar Odom could spill secrets about the family.

In a report by Radar Online, marketing and branding expert Liz Goodgold shared her thoughts on the future of the show, which is under contract until 2015, by claiming that “maintaining their brand image is paramount [right now]”, for the reality TV family.

She then went on to claim that it would be unlikely if the show got another run if Lamar did spill secrets because the “scope and scale of how they manipulate the media [would truly be] unveiled.”

Author Jennifer Pozner added that fans have started to “get over” the E! Network show but “E! is probably going to hold on as long as they can despite what the viewers want.”

A rep for the Kardashians has been approached for comment.

However, it appears Keeping Up With The Kardashians might not be going anywhere after the reports that Lamar was going to spill the Kardashians secrets, was slammed for being false.

A report courtesy of In Touch magazine alleged that Lamar had decided to write a “tell all” book revealing all of the Kardashian secrets as “revenge” because he allegedly “blames the family for leaking his drug struggle”.

And that’s not all as the magazine went on to allege that the NBA star, who was recently spotted out and about wearing his wedding ring, “believes Kris Jenner and the Kardashians planted all the bad stories about him to make him look like a monster.”

A source went on to claim: “He’s deeply depressed and angry. He wants revenge”, an according to the magazine, Lamar could get it if he pens a tell all book about the reality TV family.

“If Lamar turns on the family, he could get paid a lot of money – the advance alone would be $5 million”, aninsider commented before another source said: “He knows everything. It would be one of the juiciest books of the last decade.”

However, it appears that Lamar is NOT planing to write such a book after a source close to the Kardashian family insisted to GossipCop that the reports are  totally “made up.”