Six Celebrities Take On The Beauty World In Channel 5’s Celebrity Super-Spa

Six famous stars have embarked on a beauty master-class learning all the ropes in the beauty industry. From spray tans to waxing and back, sack and cracks to vajazzales they’ll attempt to learn them all, whilst being paired with a real life apprentice who, if they win, will received £10,000 as well as a one year apprenticeship with Herbert the salon owner, so there’s a lot to work for.

The six celebrities taking part are Arg from Towie who has been paired with Dill. Yvette Fielding from Blue Peter and Most Haunted who will be working alongside Megan who didn’t seem too impressed with her celebrity partner saying “some people look like they’re having a fab time, that’s not me I’m having a s**t time.” John Burton Race the chef, who has been paired with Shani, who also wasn’t very impressed with her celebrity as he failed to remember her name. Jody Latham from Shameless who is working with James and said being paired with an apprentice gave the experience purpose and something to work towards. Rustie Lee the chef who has been teamed with Jeni who described her as “the diamond of the group.” And lastly Helen Flanagan was paired with Sanchez after repeatedly calling him stunning and beautiful when she first met him!

Trisha the salon manager gave the celebrities a quick pep talk before they faced their first task saying “leave your celebrity status at the door, because the only celebrity in this salon is the client.”

On her first day Helen didn’t make a great impression turning up two hours late, although she repeatedly claimed it wasn’t her fault and that it was because her hair and makeup over ran. John wasn’t having it and said, “one thing I’ve always been taught by my mother is to treat people with mutual respect. In the real world you’d be sacked.” Helen didn’t take to this too kindly and stormed out of the room in tears and ironically cried off all the makeup that made her two hours late! Arg was quick on her heels to give her a hug and awkwardly tried to comfort his new-found friend.

After that drama and it was time for their first lesson which was in massaging. They were told about embarrassing stories and then each given a client who they had to massage. We were actually left quite impressed with all of their efforts. Herbert the salon owner said that John and Shani worked well as a team (remembering her name was the first baby-step to achieving this!) However he wasn’t so impressed with Arg and Dill who walked in on their client as she was undressing. Awkward! They were subsequently at the bottom of the pile this week and were sent downstairs to clean up the spa whilst Yvette and Megan were the ‘Salon Stars’ this week with Herbert saying they had had “a bad start, but a good ending.”

Celebrity Super-Spa is on again on Monday and we’re pretty sure we’ll see more tears, drama and exposed bodies!