Sinitta Appears To Take A Dig At Simon Cowell’s ‘Harem’ Of Women In Cryptic Tweet

Sinitta appeared to shoot down perceptions she was part of Simon Cowell’s ‘Harem’ of women in a cryptic tweet on Twitter.

The X Factor boss’ right hand woman seemingly took a dig at her critics on the social networking site by clearing up the phrase ‘Harem’ which has often been used by the media to describe the women in Simon’s increasingly complicated love-life.

She wrote: ” ‘Harem’. ;- a Group of women kept together for the purpose of having sex with one man…” (sic)

It’s unclear whether Sinitta’s tweet is a dig at her critics or the string of ex girlfriend’s Simon remains friends with, however it follows a flurry of angry tweets from the former 80’s pop star over reports she had aborted Simon’s baby while they were dating.

The 49-year-old lashed out over Twitter last month and sensationally claimed she had been “prevented” from giving her side of her story and vowed to tell the truth and set the record straight.

She raged: “Last weekend a few of the newspapers reported that I had terminated @simoncowell child, some said in 2009, another said behind his back.”

Sinitta (WENN)

In messages that have since been deleted, she added: “I was going to tell the true facts Tomorrow Please RT @SimonCowell however… I have been prevented from doing so , and will have to tell you her please RT. I need some support this is unfair.”

A significant portion of her rant is still on her page, where she fumes: “Firstly, the baby termination wasn’t in 2009 @janemooresun,don’t worry about my ability to remember correctly,its something I’ll never forget” she continued before adding, “I know how undignified this is and it sickens me too but I have been dignified throughout so many unjusts and untrue claims and accusations.”

Just two days later the star then appealed to talk show host Jeremy Kyle to appear on his celebrity special in a desperate bid to unearth the truth and plead for  a lie detector test on the ITV programme.

She wrote: ” Jeremy Kyle, I know I declined your celebrity chat, but I’d love to do your show PROVIDED you provide a lie detection device.”

Tensions between Sinitta and Simon have seemingly intensified since he confirmed he is expecting his first child with New York socialite, Lauren Silverman.