Simon Pegg Thought Tom Cruise Would Die in Dramatic Stunt

The British comedian was working with Tom on the new ‘Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation’ film and was shocked when Tom decided to do an incredibly dangerous stunt himself. Simon was on set to see the stunt happen but thought it was going to go horribly wrong. He explains that the whole performance was incredible:

“He is obsessive about giving the audience a genuine experience. He did a stunt in the movie where he was on the side of an A400 airplane when it took off, he had to wear special lenses so his eyes weren’t blown out and he did it – it was incredible and mind blowing. Watching it I thought, ‘He could die and I’m about to watch Tom Cruise splat on the runway.'”

Simon has also spoken on how he finds dating app ‘Tinder’ to be “weird” because most people are just obviously searching for no strings sex. He said that it seems “cloaked” but also “honest” in its approach:

”You both know what you’re there for, to see if you’re going to be OK to sleep with each other really. It’s a weird, although honest, cloaked way of interacting.”

Speaking further on Tom recently, Simon added that Tom has never preached to him about Scientology and keeps his own beliefs under wraps:

“I’ve known him for 10 years and (Scientology has) never come up. It’s not something he talks about or preaches. I don’t know what the story is. The thing about Tom is that he doesn’t participate with the public persona of himself, or do anything to alter it. In fact I think he’s quite happy to allow a degree of mystique to flow around him, because it makes him more enigmatic and more interesting as an actor.”