Simon Cowell is Gifting His Baby Mamma a £10 Million Mansion


Simon Cowell recently made headlines for knocking up his close friend’s wife (ex-close friend by now). Simon’s baby mamma Lauren Silverman may be headed for a divorce from her husband now that she’s pregnant with Simon’s baby, but it appears as though Simon won’t be letting her go homeless, even if no one can imagine him becoming a hands-on dad. According to reports, Simon has gifted Lauren a lavish £10 million mansion in Beverly Hills where she’ll be able to raise their child in style. A source reveals that she will then be close to Simon, even if he won’t be giving up his lifestyle for diaper duty:

”Simon has amassed a lot of houses with his fortune and will want to provide for his child. But he seems to give away a house every time he splits from a girlfriend, so he is getting through them more quickly than he thought. He has instructed his advisers to let Lauren have the house, which means she can be nearby but crucially not too close so he can get on with his work and usual lifestyle.”

It seems as though Lauren may bump in to some of Simon’s past flames nearby, as he owns a whole bunch of homes close to each other and often hands them out to his lady friends:

”Simon has lots of housing in Beverly Hills all close to each other and now lots of it contain his exes. He doesn’t seem to mind that he could bump into them at any time, but the rate he is going he may need to buy some more.”