‘Sick And Dizzy’ Cinema-Goers Complain After Watching Previews Of The Hobbit

It’s one of the most eagerly anticipated films of the year but fans of Peter Jackon’s ‘The Hobbit’ have reportedly been left feeling “sick and dizzy” after watching early previews of the 3D epic.

Jackson’s movie is shot using pioneering high-speed 3D cameras which capture twice the normal number of frames per second. Some film fans have had a bumpy ride with the new technique though.

The Sunday Times spoke to one ‘avid Middle Earth fan’, who had flown to New Zealand from Australia especially for this week’s world premiere:

“My eyes cannot take everything in, it’s dizzying, now I have a migraine,” they told the paper with another fan tweeting: “It works for the big snowy mountains, but in close-ups the pictures strobes. I left loving the movie but feeling sick.”

“You have to hold your stomach down and let your eyes pop at first to adjust. This is not for wimps,” were the comments of another cinema-goer. The criticism wasn’t widespread though with ‘X Men’ director Bryan Singer posting on Twitter: “Having some serious frame rate envy. Amazing and involving. Loved it!”

The 3D company that worked with Jackson have actually said that the new technology should stop people feeling ill. Matt Cowan, chief scientist at RealD, told stuff.co.nz: “What you will experience is smoother motion.  The effect you get for things like explosions is much more real”.

It’s not the first time a film has left movie fans feeling under the weather. Back in 2010, James Cameron’s 3D project ‘Avatar’ left hundreds of cinema-goers complaining, after the immersive technology was just too real for some fans.

‘The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey’ is due for release in the UK on December 14. Maybe take a paper bag…