Shows to watch if you enjoyed Jersey Shore

Page title: Shows to Watch if You Enjoyed Jersey Shore

Meta Description: We all love the Jersey Shore and the craziness that happens, but when it comes to reality TV, what other options are available for us to enjoy?

Shows to Watch if You Enjoyed Jersey Shore

For reality TV lovers, Jersey Shore was a hit from the first episode. The cast and activities throughout the show are some of the craziest reality TV has ever seen but make for some of the most hilarious watching.

The Jersey Shore was home to a group of partygoers in their early 20s who got together in a stunning summer house along the beachside. The group became instant friends and spent the entire summer together. They hooked up with people who they met at nightclubs and sometimes hooked up with each other. Brawls and physical altercations seem to happen more than not, and the cameras catch everything that happens. The show was so popular it had its own spinoff. For those who love Jersey Shore, here are some great alternatives.

Jersey Shore: Family Vacation 

There can be no show inspired by Jersey Shore more than the spinoff Family Vacation, which seems to be just as popular as the original. The show has gone for five seasons since its premiere in 2018. The show is available on streaming platforms worldwide if you want to binge-watch every episode. The main difference between this show is that some of the main characters from the original show are not seen. The craziness of the reality TV show has caused a few cast members to step back in an effort to calm down and live a slower-paced life. 

Floribama Shore 

If you’re looking for a show to enjoy and binge, the four seasons of Floribama Shore are a great choice. This MTV show is the perfect alternative to the Jersey Shore and is filled with hilarious drama and a stunning young cast. The inception of this program was to rebrand and re-launch in a new city with a similar premise. The show’s speculation is to celebrate the party lifestyle and youth culture. Eight young adults are put together into one huge house on the gulf coast of Panama City Beach. The show sees these young people get their first taste of freedom from living with their parents, and they seem to be having the best time while doing so.

Ex on the Beach 

Ex on the Beach was one of the most fun reality TV shows to watch on the airwaves when it made its premiere in 2014. Viewers watch a series of reality stars get stopped well in their tracks on a gorgeous beach by their ex-partners. Initially, each cast member believes they will compete in an all-new, all-fun reality TV show, but things quickly turn when their exes want to confront them in a face-to-face effect of reconciliation. If the relationship cannot be healed, they want to figure out why it went so wrong.

Geordie Shore 

The Geordie Shore follows many of the same patterns found in the MTV shows Floribama Shore and Jersey Shore. It doesn’t take much to see that MTV love the success they have earned through this particular reality TV model, and it’s looking like they’re not looking for a reason to stop anytime soon. The difference with this show is that we are not seeing people from the States get into trouble, bed, and sticky situations, we see a group of young people from the UK. The cast is living their best lives away from the rainy shores of the UK. Getting tanned, chilling on the beach, and partying all night at the club. What could be better?


MTV released a reality tv show in 2013 known as Buckwild. The show was about a group of college-aged friends living in West Virginia – the mountain state. The carefree and adventurous lifestyle they all wish to lead is documented in each episode. The cast is young, and their ideologies are somewhat naive. The young people on the show love the small-town mentalities they share and the idea of staying in the place they love for the rest of their lives without moving anywhere else. These guys may not be living in the big cities, but they sure can party like the rest of them.

The Real World 

A list of alternative viewing for those who love the Jersey Shore wouldn’t be complete without a mention of the Real World. The first show came to us in 1992, and it was as widely addicting then as it is now. The life of the show is the perfect display of the popularity going on for 33 seasons. This award-winning reality show is filled to the brim with romantic highs and lows, unforgettable drama, and sometimes physical altercations. Since the first show, there have been countless spinoffs showing how great this reality TV show, truly is.

Summer House 

Summer house was first on our tv screens in 2017. Since then, six seasons have followed the wealthy lives of a group of New Yorkers partying during the summer. Taking a break from their hectic city life is necessary for the entire cast. With them all being so successful, they can take their downtime to the next level, partying, brunching, and escaping in bigger ways than anyone would expect.