Shia LaBeouf’s Girlfriend Spotted In Tears After Actor Agrees To REAL On Screen Sex Scenes

Shia LaBeouf has made the decision to go from Hollywood films, to slightly raunchier roles and his girlfriend definitely isn’t happy about it, as she was spotted having a very public break down in the street yesterday (August 17) after learning that he’d be having actual on screen sex!

Karolyn Pho, who’s Shia’s girlfriend of almost two years, broke down in real tears as she learned that her other half would be taking part in REAL sex scenes in his next movie. Oops! Someone’s in the dog house…

Although, whilst it’s not 100% proven that this is the reason why, the timing couldn’t be more poignant and the star is still set to go ahead with the raunchy scenes in the upcoming movie, titled ‘The Nymphomaniac’.

There hasn’t been any extra detes revealed on who exactly the star will be getting down and dirty with, but his co-stars include Nicole Kidman and Charlotte Gainsbourg. Aaahhh, we’re not surprised Karolyn may just be a little bit jealous! Are you?

However, whether or not it was worth having a very public meltdown over is another matter…

But, given that LaBeouf is starring in a Von Trier movie titled ‘Nymphomaniac’ he surely must know what he’s letting himself in for. So, it couldn’t have been that much of a shock for either the actor OR his girlf. Surely?

LaBoeuf admitted to MTV News that he could be asked to do it for real on set, saying: “[The movie] is what you think it is. It is Lars von Trier, making a movie about what he’s making. For instance, there’s a disclaimer at the top of The Script that basically says we’re doing it For Real. Everything that is illegal, we’ll shoot in blurred images. Other than that, everything is happening.”

He added: ”Whatever is asked. I think we all are. I’ve seen ‘Intimacy.’ [Patrice Cherau’s film featuring real sex] Lars is talking about something different. … It’s going to be a wild movie.”

The actor even admitted to being a little scared of what the director may ask him to do, saying: ”[Von Trier] is very dangerous. He’s the most dangerous dude that I’ve ever showed up for. I’m terrified. I’m so terrified, which is why I have to go. We’ll see what happens.”

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 Shia LaBeouf PHOTO Richie Buxo/Splashnews