‘She’s Evolved Into Something Beautiful’: Big Sean Justifies Miley Cyrus’ Sexy Cameo In ‘Fire’ (VIDEO)

Miley Cyrus is sure to raise eyebrows with her sexy starring role in Big Sean’s latest video ‘Fire’, but the rapper insists she represents people who have ‘evolved into something beautiful’.

The controversial ‘We Can’t Stop’ singer strikes a series of provocative poses in skimpy outfits throughout the entire music video, while the rapper himself barely makes an appearance.

The three minute video sees Miley showing off her enviable body, even flashing some under boob at one point as she writhes to the music, however Big Sean insists she is a ‘visual metaphor’.

The 25 year-old rapper said: “It’s about getting through the tough times, through the fire, and always evolving. Whether it’s in relationships, personal, in your work, etc.”

Speaking on the 20-year-old pop singer’s starring role, the rapper seemingly touched on her steadily maturing image – a drastic change from her former ‘Hannah Montana’ role.


“Miley’s character in the visual represents a metaphor for people who may have changed and evolved into something beautiful, who have evolved past certain relationships—the picture of me burning symbolizes an old romance and coming out victorious and beautiful as a flower.”Big Sean explained.

While Miley does not do her signature ‘Twerk’ dance routine in the video, she does impress with her seemingly endless ability to vogue on cue and pout into the camera lense.

The track will appear on Sean’s sophomore LP ‘Hall of Fame’, due for release on August 27 and the pair have also collaborated on Miley’s upcoming album.

The video follows the release of the director’s cut of Miley’s ‘We Can’t Stop’ music video last week.

The controversial video, featuring extra scenes that were too risqué for the original, was shared by the star in response to her fans helping her to reach 100 million views on VEVO.

Miley had broken the record for achieving the phenomenal amount of views in just 37 days, making it the first video to have ever reached the number in such a short space of time.