Sheryl Crow Says Lance Armstrong Has “Zero Relevance” to Her Life


Sheryl Crow has spoken on her former relationship with disgraced cyclist Lance Armstrong – the couple split in 2006 and now, she says he is no longer relevant to her life and it feels like a long time ago. She admits that she has kept up with the stories surrounding his professional drug usage but she doesn’t feel attached to him anyway and feels similarly to any other person about the news:

”It has such little relevance to my life right now – in fact, zero relevance. I watch it kind of like everybody else is watching it. I watched a little bit of the first interview [with Oprah Winfrey] and I have such a big detachment from it that I probably feel the same as everyone else. I haven’t seen him in years. It feels like a lifetime ago, honestly.”

Speaking on her private life being so public, Sheryl thinks people have been very harsh on her romantic life just because it’s out in the open and she feels as though she is treated similarly to Jennifer Aniston who is often under intense media scrutiny when it comes to her love life:

”I’ve read a couple of times that Jennifer Aniston and I, the two of us have been dumped more than any two people, but it’s not true. I don’t like my private life to be for public consumption. But I will tell you one thing: I take credit for some of the demises. It’s difficult to date a woman who’s strong, and who runs a business, and who’s done a lot.”