Sherlock returns – the latest buzz


The game is afoot once again, Sherlock fans! The title of the first episode of the newest series of Sherlock has been revealed by the series’ co-creator Mark Gatiss: The Empty Hearse will kick off the third season which has been scheduled for transmission in late 2013.

As fans of the show will remember, the second series ended with the apparent death of Sherlock Holmes (Benedict Cumberbatch). But whilst Watson (Martin Freeman) mourned at the detective’s gravestone, viewers were shown that the very-much-alive detective has been watching the poignant scene all along!

No doubt the title The Empty Hearse is a reference to what happened to Holmes’ body after the fall and before the funeral. Fans of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s original tales may remember The Adventure of the Empty House, the story where Conan Doyle famously brought Holmes back from the dead following the detective’s death plunge in The Final Problem. So it’s a safe bet that the return of the series means the return of our beloved Sherlock Holmes himself.

Writer Stephen Moffat has confirmed that the return of the series will answer the question of how Holmes faked his own death. The new episode will finally debunk (or confirm!) the many theories that have been circulating on the internet, to which Moffat has teased: “So many people theorising – and they missed it!”

Theories range from a squash ball being used to slow down Holmes’ heart rate to fool Watson, to a passing cyclist, a well-timed truck and several medical personnel delaying Watson’s view of Holmes. Fans have also speculated as to who else might have been involved in Holmes’ plan.

Recently, Cumberbatch ended speculation that the third series would be the last, when he let slip that a fourth had been commissioned. So there’s plenty of Sherlock to look forward to. To make sure you’re fashionably ready for the new series, why not don your very own Holmes-inspired trench coat coupled with stylish brown brogues and a comfy wool scarf? After that, everything else is elementary, my dear Watson!.