Sherlock Lives! Top 5 Moments Of The Empty Hearse

So, after two years of scratching our heads trying to figure out just how Sherlock – played by Benedict Cumberbatch – managed to fake his own death, we were finally given some answers….Or so we thought….

Check out our top five moments from The Empty Hearse!

1. The answer to Sherlock’s death?

The Empty Hearse picked up two years after the so-called demise of the iconic Baker Street detective and the episode opened with the moment we had all been waiting for. The revelation of how he survived the drop.

As the last scene of the last series played out (Sherlock standing on top of the building and saying his final goodbyes to Watson – who can forget?) we were then shown Sherlock falling but he wasn’t free falling as he was attached to a bungee rope. So what about the body? Well, a mask made to look exactly like Sherlock’s face was placed on Jim Moriarty’s face and was taken to the scene where Sherlock should’ve fallen. A quick squirt of fake blood and a quirky appearance from Derren Brown to put Watson to sleep so he didn’t see the transition and that was it.

So just when we thought we knew how Sherlock did it, we were introduced to a new theory later in the show when the detective was explaining his fake demise to But that wasn’t the only explanation of the Sherlock’s death as he later explained that he jumped off the building and landed on a huge air cushion before getting in place showing him lying on the ground and putting a small ball under his armpit to stop his pulse momentarily. However, Sherlock also revealed the reason for his fake demise as a result of Watson demanding to know why Sherlock did what he did and that was when he said: “I wanted to avoid dying”, before going on to declare that Moriarty had to be stopped and it was Mycroft’s plan to put him in hiding.

Sherlock returned to Baker Street tonight (BBC Pictures)

2. Sherlock reunites with John Watson

With a possible answer for Sherlock’s fake death out in the open, it was time to focus on how Sherlock returned back to London life but more importantly into the lives of his friends – in particular Dr Watson after being saved from torture in Serbia.

But of course, Sherlock is Sherlock and a simple knock on Watson’s door was not going to cut it. Instead Sherlock reintroduced himself to Watson in the most hilarious way possible with the help of a stolen bow tie and glasses and the with the help of some eye liner to create a mustache and a French accent. And if that wasn’t funny enough, Sherlock came face to face with Watson just as he was about to propose to girlfriend Mary played by Amanda Abbington – talk about timing! But Sherlock’s try at humour didn’t manage to make Watson laugh as he angrily told the detective: “two years I thought you were dead. You let me grieve. How could you do that?”, before throwing Sherlock to the ground.

3. Crime solving

Having reintroduced himself to Watson – despite not getting the welcome that he was expecting, he soon got back into his groove and set about trying to solve the issue of a terror attack that was putting London in “imminent danger”. Whilst he began the investigation without Watson, it was only a matter of time before the pair reunited and faced the heart stopping task of diffusing a bomb that was due to go off underneath Westminster. But that wasn’t the only drama of the epic episode as Sherlock ran to the rescue of Watson who had been buried underneath a bonfire after being injected with a injection that left him paralysed.

How did Watson take to seeing Sherlock again? (BBC Pictures)

4. Characters

The Empty Hearse not only saw the return of our favourite characters but also the introduction of a few new faces. Actress Amanda Abbington made her debut in the first episode of the new series as Dr Watson’s new girlfriend who took a platonic liking to Sherlock as he began to build bridges with John. However, she wasn’t the only new face as Sherlock’s parents also made an appearance on the show. The normality of Sherlock’s parents let Watson in shock. What’s more, is that the actress and actor who played Sherlock’s parents are actually Benedict’s real parents! Derren Brown also made a cameo appearance in one explanation of how Sherlock survived his own death.

5. The humour

Yes, there were some serious issues to tackle in the first episode of the new series but Sherlock wouldn’t be Sherlock if there weren’t a few jokes. One scene that made us laugh out loud was the moment Watson told Una Stubbs’ character, Mrs Hudson that he was in a relationship with Mary. This lead to Mrs Hudson being left shocked because she always thought there was something going on between him and Sherlock.