‘She Told Me First Before She Told Anyone’: Nicholas McDonald Reveals Sam Bailey Confided In Him About Her Pregnancy

They were BFF’s on the last series of The X Factor and it looks like reigning champion Sam Bailey and runner-up Nicholas McDonald are still thick as thieves. Sam Bailey announced she was pregnant on Thursday, but Nicholas has revealed that he was told the good news a month and a half ago, before the pregnant singer had even told her own children.

When we spoke to Nicholas on the day of Sam’s big announcement, the 17-year old singer said: “I found out about a month and a half ago because she told me first before she told anyone.”

The young Scottish singer told us that he had kept the singer’s pregnancy a secret for weeks. He claimed only he, a couple of Sam’s immediate family members and her husband Craig knew the news.

“Her kids didn’t know, they only found out not yesterday the day before,” he said on Thursday.

Nicholas told us that he was “really happy and surprised” to hear that Sam is expecting baby number three and understood why the singer wanted to wait to share her news.

“She didn’t want it to come out in the press yet, she’s trying to lead a normal life,” he said.

Sam officially announced her pregnancy on Thursday (WENN)

Reports claim that Sam took her pregnancy test in a supermarket toilet, and feared that the news would not be welcomed by her management.

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“When I got into the car I was really upset because I thought I’d let everyone at my management and the record label down,” she told The Sun.

“But they were really good about it. I was going to go on tour solo at the end of October – but I have managed to move it until January.”

Sam and Nicholas are currently performing together in the X Factor finalists arena tour along with the likes of  Luke Friend, Tamera Foster and Rough Copy.

Nicholas told us that he, Sam and the rest of the X Factor alumni remain close friends.