‘Shameless Lesbianism’: Shakira and Rihanna’s Erotic ‘Can’t Remember To Forget You’ Video Slammed

Shakira and Rihanna have come under fire for the unapologetically raunchy music video for their new single ‘Can’t Remember To Forget You’ with a Colombian councilman blasting the singers for promoting “lesbianism” and “immorality.”

The sexy visuals, which premiered last month, shows the pop stars writhing around in skimpy clothing, repeatedly touching and stroking each other and smoking, undoubtedly the reason for the video clocking up more than 78 million views so far. However, it hasn’t impressed Marco Fidel Ramirez, a Colombian politician who says that the video should be banned from being shown in the country by the National Television Authority.

Ramirez told CNN Espanol this week: “I found a video that evidently contains images that in my opinion are not useful for the emotional growth and development of youths. I feel it promotes immorality.

“I think the message that Shakira is sending to the youth and children around the world is a message that sells a lifestyle and promotes a particular orientation, that in my opinion, does not reflect the views of most Colombians.”

According to Ace Showbiz, Ramirez said the clip “damages the moral character of the youth of Bogota, Colombia and Latin America,” adding: “Our Shakira with her erotic video is promoting tobacco usage and has become the worst example for our youth.

“Shakira’s new video is a shameless case for lesbianism and immorality. It is a danger to children.” After describing the video as “simply gross” and an “unabashed glorification of lesbianism,” Ramirez reportedly added: “It sends a provocative message to weak people who can be polluted and induced to practice (lesbianism).”

While the fans have clearly been huge fans of the video, their celeb peers have also given it the thumbs up with Kelly Clarkson tweeting last week: “@rihanna @JosephKahn @shakira @VEVO Oh Lord not even on my best day could I pull this off ha! God definitely took more time molding you two!”