Shailene Woodley on Losing Weight for a Role: “My Boobs Shrank”

Now, she has spoken on how losing weight had some unexpected results – she didn’t realize her boobs would shrink! She also says there were other changes and she almost didn’t recognise her own reflection, saying the weight loss really changed more than just how her body looked, but also how she acted and spoke:

“I look at pictures of me with long hair and I think, ‘Who is that person?’ Even my voice and the way I hold myself has changed. I’m in a place where I feel healthier than I’ve ever been, and my body is exactly where it wants to be. I feel like I’m a woman. My boobs shrank. No one tells you that when you lose weight. No bra, no problem!”

Shailene says she no longer tries to please people and isn’t living for anyone other than herself now:

“I’m done living for other people. I’m done being a people pleaser. I’m done thinking about what other people think about me.”

She opened up on what it was like to play the role of someone suffering from cancer, admitting that it changed her life outlook:

“It changed my whole life and put things in perspective. I realized I was good at being outwardly positive because that’s how I am by nature. But internally? I was so mean to myself. Realizing I needed to make a shift was a big moment for me. ‘F— you, insecurity. F— you, lack of confidence!’ When I finally realized I have to live life for myself and not for anyone else is when I started being more generous and kind and grateful, I was able to give back more.”