Selena Gomez Shares Sexy Selfie With ‘Girl Crush’ Zooey Deschanel As Pair Party The Night Away

They’re two of the most beautiful women in showbiz and Selena Gomez and Zooey Deschanel certainly proved their worthiness of such a title as the pair posed for a sexy selfie during a night out last night.

The snap shows Selena sticking out her tongue and shutting her eyes, whilst actress Zooey flaunts her infamous doe-eyes as she looks up at the camera whilst holding her drink.

The pair were certainly dressed to impress as Come and Get It hitmaker Selena wore a low-cut top with red lipstick and big hair, while New Girl star Deschanel wore a tight-fitting top with tousled locks and big eyelashes.

Selena uploaded this snap to her Instagram account. What a pair of hotties! (Instagram/SelenaGomez)

And the 21-year-old must have been really digging her look as shortly after, Selena uploaded another selfie of herself which sees her looking down at the floor and pulling quite the pose as her hair falls delicately around her face.

The Spring Breakers star has said in the past that funny girl Zooey is in fact her “girl crush” so we wonder what rumoured love interest Niall Horan will make of the pictures?

Selena opted for a risque low-cut top for her night out with pal Zooey (Instagram/SelenaGomez)

Selena and the One Direction cutie have been linked after they were spotted dining together in London on Valentine’s weekend and sources claim that Niall is “smitten” with the star witht eh 1D star allegedly her shoulder to cry on during her turbulent relationship with singer Justin Bieber.

“Niall’s always fancied Selena and he’s made no secret of it. He’s just split from Barbara and and Selena’s trying to get over Justin so it’s perfect timing,” a source told the Mirror newspaper.

“It’s very early days but they’ve been in constant contact since she went back to the States. Niall’s exactly the kind of guy she needs right now. He’s so sweet, a total gentleman,” the source added.

Rumour has it that Niall has already been given the seal of approval from Selena’s BFF Taylor Swift who reportedly relished in the idea of setting up the couple to “p**s off” Bieber who she has supposedly “never been a fan of”.

Is love in the air for the pop stars?