Selena Gomez Gives Justin Bieber A Hairy Ultimatum?

April Fool’s Day is still a good few weeks away, but that hasn’t stopped a source close to Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez claiming she wants him to grow a beard or find a new girlfriend.

No, really.

Selena ‘says Justin looks like a kid’. Here he is as an actual kid.

The so-called insider tells the latest edition of US tabloid National Enquirer that the ‘Love You Like A Love Song’ hitmaker has demanded her world-famous squeeze grow out some facial hair so he doesn’t look “like a kid”.

She’s apparently been joking that “if she didn’t shave her legs, she’d have more hair on them than Justin has on his.”

The source says: “Justin is worried Selena will dump him for a hunkier, more virile-looking guy. He’s even considered testosterone supplements to trigger hair growth.

“[He’s] working hard to become the manly man of Selena’s dreams.”

You’ll be shocked to learn that the story has been labelled completely untrue by Gossip Cop‘s separate sources.

Do you think Justin would suit a beard?

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