Selena Gomez Convinces Justin Bieber to Try Anger Management?

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Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez recently got back together according to reports, but it doesn’t seem to have changed Justin’s partying habits or penchant for landing in trouble with the law. Justin’s house was recently raided after he egged his neighbor’s house (such a smart move!) and he continues to make headlines for his loud parties and possible drug use. Now, Selena is trying to help by convincing Justin to at least try Anger Management therapy to get back some control:

 ”Selena has told him ‘no romance without new manners’, and insisted that he should take a course in anger management. Selena is an old fashioned southern girl from Texas and believes in manners and good behaviour, she’s told Justin that he has to mend his ways if they are to start seeing each other regularly again.”

Although Selena was on a world tour until recently, she never fully got over her boyfriend Justin and was waiting for the chance to reconnect. Now that they’re back together, Selena wants to help the singer adjust his bad behaviour problems before they get more serious:

 ”Selena has been on her own and what she calls ‘on the road’, but she hasn’t stopped being attracted to Justin. She just wants some pleases [and] thank yous, as well as some good behaviour if things are to get serious again. She has told Justin he needs help with anger management and that he should book classes.”

Photo: PRPhotos