Selena Gomez And Justin Bieber Had ‘Blazing Row At Jingle Bell Ball’

We thought all was OK with Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber following reports last month they had been going through a rough patch, but according to insiders the couple were fighting at the Jingle Bell ball earlier this month, with the brunette storming off after a spat with her boyfriend.

Selena was backstage at the event in Los Angeles on December 3, when she reportedly fell out with the ‘Boyfriend’ singer and stormed off, with JB trailing behind, with multiple sources revealing all about the incident.

One source told InTouch Weekly: “Selena was in Justin’s dressing room, and she stormed off.”

Claiming the falling out was down to Biebs acting up, they added: “Nothing ignites Selena like Justin’s immaturity.”

While another insider told Life & Style that Sel was so angry she left the Nokia Theatre in a huff, claiming: “She got into her car and started to drive away. Justin knocked on the window, but she sped right past him!”

Conflicting reports however claimed ‘Jelena’ were totally loved up at the event and were spotted holding hands backstage. The pair were also spotted driving home together after Bieb’s performance and didn’t look like they’d been having a raging fight.

Let’s hope everything is good again between the pair, especially in light of news a plot to murder Justin Bieber was recently discovered.

Las Cruces prison inmate Dana Martin is said to have arranged for two men to capture Justin Bieber in New York. The prisoner was reportedly recruited to castrate and murder the teenager.

KRQE News broke the shocking story, alerting local authorities before the horrific plan could be carried out. Mark Staake and his nephew Tanner Ruane were allegedly hired to attack the 18-year-old singer in New York City last month, while he was in town to perform at Madison Square Garden.

The motive for the alleged plot is currently unknown. Martin, who has a tattoo of Justin on his leg, is currently serving two life sentences.