Scruffy celebs we can’t help but love

There’s something ruggedly handsome about the combination of five o’clock shadow, a sharp suit and a pair of scruffy trainers. While there are plenty of honed Hollywood hunks to adore, there’s something undeniably attractive about the unruffled look. Our top three scruffy A-listers are Brits – is the UK starting a new trend in tailored smart casual?

David Tennant

David’s off-duty appearance seems to be a leftover from his Doctor Who days – his incarnation of the legendary Time Lord was known for combining a suit with Converse trainers. ‘Dust off your Converse, it’s time to save the universe’ became an unofficial tagline for the show during David’s reign as the tenth Doctor. These days the Scottish-born star is concentrating on theatre work with the Royal Shakespeare Company, but his unkempt charm remains as strong as ever.

Andrew Garfield

It seems David may have inspired his former co-star – the pair worked together on two Doctor Who episodes back in 2007. Between spinning webs and fighting evil as The Amazing Spider-Man, Andrew has a laid back attitude to his appearance. Once lacquered into a well-coiffed ‘do, his hair has become gradually more unruly – and we’re into it. Now dating the lovely Emma Stone, Andrew is conquering Hollywood one rugged stubbly smile at a time.

Robert Pattinson 

We’re glad to see the Twilight star rejecting Edward Cullen’s eternally manicured look off screen. Not that we don’t love a bit of Edward’s sultry pouting, but the warmth of an unshaven smile trumps smooth ‘n’ sparkly cheekbones any day. On the red carpet, Robert is often spotted sporting a few days’ stubble, a crisp suit and a laid back pair of trainers. It’s the ultimate too-cool-for-school response to the pressures of being an A-lister, and we can’t help but love him for it. 

We reckon a well-fitted suit teamed with a pair of stylish men’s Vans and some designer five o’clock shadow is the perfect compromise between sharp and relaxed.