Scott Disick is “Feeling Good And Living Healthy”

Scott found himself in hospital in June this year, but says he is now living clean. The ‘Keeping Up With The Kardashians’ star comments that the experience is just a “down” and he thinks he can turn around the negative experience to make it in to something positive by leading a better life from now on:

”I’m good. I’ve had ups and downs. Every time you can better yourself it’s a good thing, and a positive thing.”

He added that he’s now looking after himself more following the health scare and not only has he quit alcohol, but he is also eating better food and working out:

”I’m excited to just be feeling good and living healthy, eating better, exercising more and doing whatever I can to get by.”

He comments that girlfriend Kourtney, who is currently pregnant with their third child, is doing well and hasn’t let her pregnancy slow her down:

”She’s great. She’ll [keep running around] until that kid pops out of her.”