This school kid has given his disabled friend a piggyback to school everyday for 3 years

There truly are some remarkable human beings in this world and school kid Xie Xu is definitely one of them.

While some students moan about carrying a heavy back pack to school, the 18-year-old has spent the last three years giving his best friend a piggyback not just to school in Xuzhou, northern China, but to all of his classes, because his buddy Zhang Chi finds it too difficult to walk.

But his kindness doesn’t stop there. Xu also helps his friend with everyday tasks that include sorting his washing, cleaning and cooking, all to make life easier for his friend who is living with muscular dystrophy.

Xie Xu even lifts Zhang Chi to classes!

Xie Xu even lifts Zhang Chi to classes!

The condition makes it almost impossible for his 19-year-old pal to walk, but thanks to Xu’s tenacious efforts, he hasn’t had to miss one class!

The pair live in dorms close to the school so they’re always in close proximity to one another and their touching friendship has made them the talk of the institute and has impressed one person in particular.

Calling their story “inspiring,” Daxu High School vice-principal Guo Chunxi adores both pupils. “The story of the two students is so inspiring and touching,” he said.

China friends piggyback to school

Xie Xu and Zhang Chi have been credited by their vice principal

“They aren’t a family but Xie has been going this for three years,” he added, before describing Xu as a “beautiful student” and we couldn’t agree more!

Sadly, the two of them will part ways in the next school year as Xie has applied to join the Nanjing Polytechnic Institute after he graduates from high school, and had an interview on 23 April.

In a month’s time, Zhang will sit China’s intensive college entrance exam, the gaokao, according to What will he do without his best buddy!?

According to the most recent human rights report on China from the US Department of State, there still remains a vast hollow in the country between the legal right for disabled people to be free from discrimination and the access to formal assistance programme that would grant them total independence. “Nationwide, an estimated 243,000 school-age children with disabilities did not attend school,” the report found.