Scarlett Johansson Annoyed by Rude Parisians After France Move


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Scarlett Johansson has admitted that after moving to Paris, she was shocked by how rude the people are when they’re walking down the street. The Avengers star admits that whenever she steps out of her apartment she has taken to staring people down so they get out of her way as she walks because otherwise they rudely bump in to her and they never watch where they’re going. She said:

”I live in the left bank; it’s close to the Latin Quarter. I like to walk around but it’s frustrating because people there don’t have … I mean I’m from New York and I assume that I’m an amazing walker because I’m from New York. It’s a wonderful dance on the street … it’s a choreography walking down the street. When I got there I assumed it was this provincial town like they don’t know how to walk, people don’t walk here. They walk everywhere! And the fact they are just body checking me as they come … So now I just do a stare down from halfway down the block. I’ve started getting really aggressive with people now. And I don’t care! I’m a superhero for Christ sake.”

Scarlett opens up on moving to France, admitting that people are ruder the longer she stays in the city and some of the magic of the place has since worn off, although she says it did have a twinkle when she first arrived to live there:

”Of course when I first got there I thought people were not that whole kind of rude Parisian thing. You know, people aren’t rude they are wonderful. Well that was before I was a mainstay there and then people decided that once I wasn’t going away they could just be really terribly rude to me. I decided to take the plunge and move to Paris and it’s great, I love it. Some of the stardust twinkles warn off a little bit now and all the things that you thought were charming before are just [annoying].”

Photo: PRPhotos