Scarlett Johansson And Sean Penn’s Relationship Is ‘Intensifying’

After hearing about celebrity couples splitting up, it’s nice to hear that there is one celebrity couple that is heading in the opposite direction.

According to reports, Scarlett Johansson’s relationship with Sean Penn is getting better and better, so much so that it is “intensifying.”

Although the couple have denied that they are romantically involved, they are thought to have enjoyed a brief romantic trip to Mexico in January where they cemented their love for each other.

A source revealed to Grazia magazine: “It started out just as a hook-up thing. It was really casual, they were both in a pretty rough spot as far as break-ups go. It was just a friends-with-benefits situation. Things changed after they went to Mexico.

“They really connected and stayed up all night talking. Sean is a pretty fascinating guy and Scarlett was just blown away by him. Things have progressed really quickly since then.”

The actress’ decision to take Sean as her plus one to Reese Witherspoon’s wedding to Jim Toth last week, added to the speculation that she is more than just friends with the 50-year-old actor.

The source commented: “Scarlett is Jim’s client, so she’s the one who took Sean to the wedding. It was a pretty big move – Hollywood is political. But she wanted everyone to know they’re together and that she’s really proud of it. Scarlett likes older men, so they are suitably matched.