Say What? Sean Lowe ‘Thinking About Leaving’ Wife Catherine Giudici?

If we looked up the term ‘happily ever after’ in the dictionary, we’d find a super cute picture of The Bachelor stars Sean Lowe and his wife, Catherine.

So, why has Sean taken to Twitter and told his fans and followers that he’s “considering” leaving Catherine?

See the incriminating post:

However, Sean isn’t really leaving Catherine because @ChickfilA isn’t a woman, oh no, it’s the official page for the company who make chicken sandwiches.

Fear not everyone! Catherine and Sean are still very much in love! (WENN)

Looking at the pictures of chicken burgers and wraps, we’d think twice about staying with our other half…

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And to show that Sean and Catherine are still very much in love, Catherine posted a cute picture of herself and Sean in their Mr and Mrs bathrobes, with the caption: “The Obligatory Mr. & Mrs. Robes: A Honeymoon Latergram.”

Sean also showed his love for Catherine via the power of pixels as he posed for selfie with Catherine whilst waiting at the airport.

Too cute! (Sean Lowe / Instagram)

So just to be sure, Sean was only joking when he said he was going to leave Catherine. Anyone and their dog can see how in love Sean and Catherine are!