Sandra Bullock Fought With ‘Gravity’ Director Over Near-Nudity

66th Annual Directors Guild Of America Awards - Arrivals

‘Gravity’ actress Sandra Bullock has revealed that she previously got in to a few arguments with the ‘Gravity’ director because of how skimpy some of her ensembles were for the role – she wasn’t happy! Sandra revealed that one look in particular didn’t even cover her up from behind and she didn’t think it was necessary to include on film. Even though she had worked out a lot for the role, she wasn’t keen on revealing so much flesh and arguments began:

”I worked out hard for this movie, I had to because there is a lot of me on show. I had a few arguments about the scenes where I’m basically in my underwear with pants that don’t even cover my bottom! I’m flying away from the camera so my butt is in people’s faces a lot. I mean, why is that necessary?”

Speaking to her co-stars and fellow actors at the annual Academy Awards Nominees Luncheon in Beverly Hills during the weekend, Sandra praised those who she worked with for pushing the boundaries in film making in order to make the film such a success:

”I worked with the nicest, kindest, most patient group of people who all had a tremendous amount riding on them because of new technology, unknown waters. It should have been a very stressful situation, but everybody was so supportive that I had one of the best filming experiences I’ve ever had.”


Photo: PRPhotos