Sacha Baron Cohen In Trouble With The Real Dictators

Sacha Baron Cohen was always taking a risk with his movie ‘The Dictator’, after all some of those the film poked fun at have sent people to jail (and worse) for so much as voicing criticism of their rule.

It now appears that the comedian, who has promoted the film in costume as Admiral General Aladeen across the world, is not welcome in a number of countries, including key US ally Pakistan.

According to The Sun a film insider said: “It’s mad. The list of countries where it has been blocked from cinemas has grown since it was released. It’s now banned in Belarus, Pakistan, Malaysia, Tajikistan and Turkmenistan. The world’s had a humour bypass.”

In the film Cohen, as Aladeen, makes fun of the eccentric habits of many of the world’s most brutal dictators, parodying amongst other things the late Colonel Gaddaffi’s all female bodyguard and the anti-Jewish sentiment that often eminates from countries like Iran.

Never a bunch of people to take an insult too well, the real dictators, as well as Pakistan which is a democracy, have now hit back and banned the film for its “controversial content”.

PHOTOS: Sacha Baron Cohen In character At ‘The Dictator’ Premiere

Sacha Baron Cohen arrives at The Dictator premiere as Admiral General Aladeen