Russell Brand ELLE Magazine June 2010

Russell Brand ELLE Magazine

Russell Brand is featured in the June 2010 issue of ELLE Magazine where the British comedian opens up about love, growing up, and his proposal to Katy Perry.

Check out some highlights below from his interview with the mag and CLICK HERE for a fun quiz.

On the moment he realized he was a sexual being: “I was seven. The lady from across the road asked to use my mum’s bath, and I was compelled to watch her washing in the tub.”

On his “Cloak of Love”: “The Cloak of Love was in fact a rain jacket, but a rain jacket with such skillful marketing from my 16-year-old self that it became regarded as a kind of star gate to a world of wonder, as though beyond its lining was Narnia. Inveigled in that cape were probably two or three women a day and probably in total upward of 100. I sold it as a hell of a lot of fun, but really, it was just a piece of fabric.”

On his masterpiece of romantic gestures: “My romantic magnum opus was my proposal to Katy in Jaipur, on New Year’s Eve. We were picked up by horse and carriage, driven to a private garden where everything was lit by candles; we walked up a pathway lit by torches held by turban-wearing soldiers and were treated to a performance of traditional music and dance. We dined in a gazebo, the walls of which were covered with garlands. At five minutes to midnight an elephant arrived covered in flowers, and we got on his back. One of the things I’d overlook for the purposes of this romantic anecdote is that the back of an elephant is not a good place to be during a fireworks display; elephants have no real capacity to distinguish between fireworks and apocalypse. So after the blessedly short display, we were led up a staircase, and at the top was the ring.”

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