Roman Abramovich Divorce Settlement

The divorce settlement between Chelsea boss Roman Abramovich and wife Irina was sorted out ?amicably? it has been revealed, when you see the settlement, it?s pretty clear why?

The divorce between the billionaire and his wife took place in February and was finalised within the last few days. The settlement is said to be to the tune of ?1 billion and will see Irina get custody of the five children, as well as four UK homes.

The divorce took place in Anadyr, Chuktova, Russia where Abramovich is governor. A source close to the family told the local newspaper: ?Initially Irina asked for considerable compensation ? yet not that enormous. He promised to think it over. He has never begrudged anything for his kids.?

Chief Judge Alexander Talaev played down the settlement, saying ?It was a common divorce, nothing special. Just like any other.?

Roman will also pay for the children?s schooling and let Irina use his estate and luxury yacht. Nice to see the couple are still friendly, but with a reported ?10 billion in the bank for Roman and the settlement Irina received, we?d be all smiles too.