Rodner Figueroa and Michelle Obama and Planet of the Apes

Now to be fair to Mr. Figueroa, he didn’t say she looked like one of the ape characters. So perhaps he was comparing her looks to Charlton Heston, if he was thinking of the original ‘PotA’ made in 1968.  Maybe he was comparing her to the Statue of Liberty, because she wants to free American school children from their unhealthy diets. Maybe he had the 2001 remake of the movie in mind and he was comparing Michelle to Helena Bonham Carter.  You see, all these media-hating people are jumping to the conclusion that Mr. Figueroa said something inappropriately racist.

If he had said instead, “Man, she looks beautiful, like a princess from Cinderella,” would he have been criticized and fired from his position as a presenter from the television show?  That’s sort of racist too, when you come down to think of it.  I think the lesson that we must all learn is that when you have nothing to say don’t compare a person’s look to anyone else.  You’re only asking for trouble. If you choose otherwise, then as George Taylor says in the final words of the 1968 Planet of the Apes movie, “God damn you all to hell!”