Robert Pattinson Proves He’s Still Sexy In Smouldering Dior Advert

Robert Pattinson is still the hottest heart-throb on the planet – proved by the envy inducing one minute advert from Dior where the Twilight hunk romps and seduces gorgeous blonde Camille Rowe, through a series of sexy scenes.

The Dior Homme Fragrance Official Film, as it’s entitled, stars the Twilight hunk alongside French beauty Camille Rowe and sees the couple engage in an afternoon of passion.

Directed by Romain Gavras and with music by Led Zepplin the slick and sophisticated black and white one minute clip sees the couple frolicking on a beach, kissing underwater and Rob reclining in a bath.

Speaking about his decision to sign a deal with Dior, Pattinson admitted he had held off from striking any advertising deals until the French luxury brand came knocking.

“Before, I was so obsessed with thinking, ‘People are going to think you’re a sell out’,” he told Instyle Magazine.

“And now, of course, every single actor in the world has done one. In the past I always said no to everything; I thought I’d be judged for it.”

He went on: ”Dior came up and it felt right. It was a big decision. I’ve turned down plenty of others at the last minute before.”

We’re certainly glad he did decide to as the minute film is a pretty sexy experience, with Rob and Camille’s electric chemistry sizzling off the screen.

Speaking recently about the beautiful blonde, Rob admitted he had fallen for her French accent.

“When everybody was watching the footage of the kissing scene, I was already embarrassed,” Rob told Le Figaro magazine.

“Suddenly, Camille said ‘Oh la la!’ I glared at her and told her ‘Are you kidding me?’ I thought that the British would say ‘Oh la la!’ as a way to make fun of French. I didn’t think that French women would say it for real. Then I realised that I would like to have a French girlfriend.”

Rob looks pretty sexy in his debut Dior campaign (Dior/Twitter)

Could Camille be the next Mrs Pattinson? Rob and Camilla had some serious chemistry on set and speaking about working with the gorgeous blonde recently, Rob insisted it was a fun experience.

When asked by GQ Spain if Camille was intimidated to be kissing such a big star, Rob answered, “No, I don’t think so. If she was, she certainly didn’t show it to me!”

The actor continued to say that the smooch with the model was nothing compared to some of his awkward love scenes in the past: “If you have to kiss someone who you don’t know and the person keeps their distance or backs off, it’s horrible.”