Robert Pattinson Promises Kristen Stewart That He Won’t Date Her Friends

Amid the speculation that Robert Pattinson is dating actress Riley Keough, it has now been claimed that the actor doesn’t want to get into anything serious with Riley after he allegedly promised his ex girlfriend Kristen Stewart that he won’t date any of her friends.

Claiming that the Rob and Kristen spoke about Riley who appeared in Runaways with the Twilight Saga actress, a source told HollywoodLife: “He doesn’t want to be that guy.

“He doesn’t want the image of him being that he is stealing the friend in the wake of the relationship with Kristen. Rob did tell people that he reassured her that he wasn’t going to date her friends and make things more awkward between them, because the breakup is and has been awkward enough.”

Meanwhile, it has also been suggested that the former couple who found love on the set of the Twilight Saga movies, did spend time together when Rob was spotted arriving at her home over the weekend.

An insider told the gossip site: “He stopped by on the weekend and they both spent some time together, catching up. Kristen was really happy to see him, but I think in the end they were both sad because they still have feelings for each other.

“It’s not as simple as just getting back together. Seeing each other brought up a lot stuff for both of them. For now, work — not rebuilding a relationship — comes first. It’s sad.”

In the aftermath of her split from Rob, Kristen has been spotted keeping busy filming on location for her new film.