Robert Pattinson ‘Meeting With Kristen Stewart Over Cheating Scandal’

Looks like Robert Pattinson is heading for a showdown with estranged girlfriend Kristen Stewart, and after weeks apart the actor is reportedly going to question her over why she cheated on him with Rupert Sanders… a question I think we’ve all been asking ourselves since the story broke last month.

The actor, who has been in New York over the last week promoting his new movie ‘Cosmopolis’ reportedly landed back in LA to prepare for an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel according to sources and is gearing up to ask his girlfriend of three years why she chose to publicly humiliate him.

“Rob doesn’t hate her and he’s not mad,” a source said according to HollywoodLife.

“He just doesn’t get why.”

Despite publicly cheating on him the actor is said to still be in love with the actress and more than likely will forgive her.

“Rob’s dealing with a lot of indecision, but their mutual friends think they will get back together,” an insider told Us Weekly.

“Kristen, after all, has said she wants to have his children.” Despite friends reportedly urging him to dump her and Jon Stewart even telling the star during his recent interview of The Daily Show to “kick her to the curb” it seems that the 26 year-old just can’t bring himself to end it.

“This truly isn’t the end of them,” the source added.

While Rob is still deciding whether he has a future with Kristen, Leonardo DiCaprio has reportedly reached out to the actor and is keen to take him under his wing. The star has even joked about teaching the Hollywood heart-throb how to pull the hottest women on the planet.

A source told Showbiz Spy: “Leo figured it would be great for him to hang out with a bunch of laid-back guys.”

“Leo joked they could compare baseball cap collections – and told Rob before he knew it, he’d be dating a model, just like him!” the insider added.