Robert Pattinson In ‘Bright Spirits’ At Jimmy Kimmel Afterparty

Robert Pattinson appeared very nervous during his interview on Jimmy Kimmel Live on Wednesday (Aug 23) but backstage he was the life and soul of the party!

Eyewitnesses have told that the Twilight star was relaxed and happy when his punishing interview with Jimmy Kimmel on his Live show was over. He reportedly wound down in the bar, chatting and drinking beer with his peers before heading off into the night.

Sources told Hollywoodlife that he was in a great mood, contrary to his slightly awkward interview with Kimmel. The website reports that Rob “was in bright spirits while he was there,” which could be owed to the fact that “no pictures were taken”.

The source went on: ” The security tells you beforehand that if a photo is taken in the dressing room backstage area…you probably will be kicked out immediately.” We bet Rob breathed a sigh of relief when he heard that!

All was calm before Rob took the stage and he is said to have quietly prepared in his dressing room. But by the time he’d wrapped filming, there was a real “party atmosphere”, which Rob couldn’t help but enjoy.

Eyewitnesses claim: “He immediately headed to the bar and had a Bud Light Platinum.

He was talking to a few people while the rest of the show was being shown on the TVs.”

His love of video games came through, too. The eyewitness detailed that the ‘Harry Potter’ star “almost started playing Donkey Kong Jr. but was then distracted by more conversation.”

It’s great to hear that he’s enjoying himself again!

We’ve seen him out and about more and more recently…

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