Robert Pattinson Gives Kristen Stewart One Month Trial, As He Warns ‘I Might Not Be Able To Forgive And Forget’

Robert Pattinson has reportedly given his girlfriend Kristen Stewart another shot at their relationship but has warned he might not be able to “forgive and forget”.

The star was said to be “devastated” when photographs of his girlfriend of three years was pictured kissing Rupert Sanders, director of her movie ‘Snow White and the Huntsman’ in July. Despite the betrayal, Rob has reportedly given her another chance, but has made it clear it doesn’t mean they are back together for good.

”Robert has had a lot of time to reflect on what has happened and, while he may still be hurting, he has also come to realise just how important Kristen is to him,” a source told Grazia.

”He has warned Kristen that he might never be able to forgive and forget. But he’s agreed to give it a month to see if they can make it work. If they can’t he says he will walk away.”

Over the weekend Rob hit the LA night scene with friends on both Saturday and Sunday night, with no sign of Kristen.

According to the source this is a sign the couple are taking things slow and are “taking baby steps” before getting back together.

The source said:”Kristen hasn’t stayed over at Rob’s new place yet. They have seen each other most days since their initial meeting but they are taking baby steps.”

Rob is said to have laid out ground rules for their relationship including making more time for each other and not mentioning the cheating scandal.

Rob and Kristen as ‘Bella and Edward’ in ‘Twilight’ (WENN)

”He has also requested they don’t talk about Rupert or what happened,” they added.

Kristen, who publicly apologised for the fling after the photos were made public in Us Weekly, is said to be nervous about the future.

“Of course Kristen is ecstatic to have Robert back,” the insider explained.

“But she is still on edge because she knows it is only a trial and Robert could change his mind. She says she feels like she is walking on eggshells.”

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