Robert Pattinson Faces Backlash For ‘Glamourising’ Smoking

Robert Pattinson has been accused of glamourising smoking after posing fag-in-hand for a hot new photoshoot.

The actor – and real-life nicotine fiend – appears through a haze of cigarette smoke in a series of gritty shots in an upcoming issue of Dossier magazine.

In the no-frills pictures, the Twilight star plays on his scruffy image in jeans, vests and T-shirts, and rocks some full-on bed-head hair.

But it’s not just Rob doing the smouldering – he is also clutching a cigarette in two of the shots.

While it’s not the first time the actor has been snapped puffing away – he has been seen lighting up while ‘off-duty’, and sucked on a cigarette in a recent GQ shoot – these latest pictures have made Rob a target for critics who accuse him of flaunting his bad habit.

Do you think Rob is setting a bad example to his fans?

Fortunately there are many reports that Robert Pattinson is trying to quit smoking, among others on the Advice of Leonardo Dicaprio, who surely has his best interest at heart! It surely won’t be an easy thing to do, but we are eagerly hoping he will manage to get rid of the nasty habit.