Robert Pattinson Drops Independent Film To Work On ‘Twilight’ Sequel

Kate Upton is one lucky lady. Not only did she spend the summer filming The Other Woman with Cameron Diaz and Leslie Mann, but she also celebrated her 21st birthday with them.

Supermodel-turned-actress Kate stars in new film, The Other Woman, which focuses on a lady who wants revenge on her lover after she discovers that he is actually married. But plot aside, Kate’s real life birthday was actually the focal point at one point during filming.

Talking to Empire magazine, the Sports Illustrated model revealed that the festivities took place in the Hamptons, although she shared that it wasn’t in the “good part”.

However, she was quick to add: “”It was still the best party!”

Co-star Cameron Diaz also revealed that they danced the night away together.

“It was loads of fun. The scene that day was a big dancing scene. Then we went out for dinner and did some more dancing!” she said.

She has previously dated professional baseball pitcher, Justin Verlander after meeting in 2011. Despite rumours of a split, the pair have been spotted together numerous times recently.

Given the film’s subject matter, it’s only natural that it has given Kate pause for thought.

Talking about relationships the beautiful blonde said: “As a young woman, you’re more and more aware that the fairytale relationship doesn’t exist and even if it did, it may not even fit into your life.”