Robert Pattinson Demands ‘Big Bucks’ For ‘Tearful’ Interview With Oprah

While Robert Pattinson continues to promote his new movie ‘Cosmopolis’ there is only one story that people care about, how he is since it was revealed that girlfriend of three years Kristen Stewart cheated on him with director Rupert Sanders.

Well apparently the only way to get any details out of the actor is reportedly with a big pile of dosh as he joked in an interview that for “big bucks” he will give you tears over the affair. Speaking to MTV in the US the star joked that, he would have to get paid quite a lot for an emotional heart to heart.

While he has had to dodge relationship and questions about his personal life so far this week as he continues to promote the movie, host Josh Horowitz insisted it wasn’t going to be that king of interview.

He started the chat by telling viewers: “This is not going to be Dr. Phil or Oprah, so if you tuned in for that, keep moving.”

At which point Rob interjected: “You want tears, you gotta give me the big bucks!”

Rob seems to have changed her tune from earlier in the week when, in an interview with Good Morning America he said he wasn’t “interested” in sharing his feelings.

When asked how he was and generally skirting around the subject of the recent cheating scandal, the actor stated: “I’ve never been interested in trying to sell my personal life.”

Well maybe after a constant barrage of questions about the status of his relationship with Kristen Stewart he is thinking that it might be easier to set the records straight and make some cash while he is at it.

He might need the extra money as well, as the actor admitted in another interview that he isn’t exactly good when it comes to his finances.

Speaking of his character in the drama movie, who looses his billion dollar fortune, Rob said: “I just know how to blow it all. That’s it.”

“I’m good at being broke.”

Lets face it Kristen has already come out and addressed the scandal publicly with her grovelling apology to her boyfriend, maybe it’s time Rob does too?